Down by the bay, but not sure if it\'s the bay with watermelons

Bio: I'm a mess. But I surely am a beautiful mess. I once read that cashews release some sort of magical ingredient that when ingested the magical ingredient sprinkles radiant happy tingly feelings of euphoria in the brain. This is equal to the recommended dosage of Prozac. Instead of Prozac, drugs and booze I choose coffee and cashews. ...and walking "Fresh beauty opens one's eyes wherever it is really seen, but the very abundance and completeness of the common beauty that besets our steps prevents its being absorbed and appreciated. It is a good thing, therefore, to make short excursions now and then to the bottom of the sea among dulse and coral, or up among the clouds on mountain-tops, or in balloons, or even to creep like worms into dark holes and caverns underground, not only to learn something of what is going on in those out-of-the-way places, but to see better what the sun sees on our return to common everyday beauty." -John Muir

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