Cheesy Running the Race Post…

I counted 4 dead skunks on my drive home from work last night. It’s mating season. I get really empathetic at this one curve. There is a carcass on one side of the road and another lifeless one across the road from it. Romeo and Juliette of skunk life. I can just imagine Romeo skunk being struck by athHWIZLZAW clunky trunk rattling down the road. BAM! Skunk dead. Juliette skunk is so taken with grief. She finally found her smelly skunky soul mate of the season. Filled with grief she lays in the road until she gets plowed by the SUV rolling around the bend. She looses hope for the season and lets go. Her feelings overcome her with grief and she stops running the race to mating happiness. Sometimes we die for love. Sometimes we die from stupidity and bad choices. But we all do fade away.

Dying for love? Yes. Some things are worth giving up our breath for. For skunks, mating is their “thing”. For Jesus, his “thing” was us.

What would I give my life for?

Surely I would NOT give it up for a night in the sack. No way. Maybe for my husband? my kids? a stranger? If it were a choice, them or me? If I go they get to live, but with grief, while I rejoice and dance with my creator. If they go, they get to experience full on the love of God. Could you imagine that embrace? Whhooossshhh…mind blown type of stuff! But gee, how did Jesus do it for us!?

I cannot wait to be in the presence of God. I am eager to reach my eternity. The actual act of dying and watching my loved ones do the deed is just too much of a thought. We’ve seen a lot of death this year. As the years add up in my earthly existence, the more fragile I learn that I am. I am shaken daily with how precious life is. What a treasure love truly is! What a gift is belly gut laughter! I cannot waste time in fear and regret, guilt and shame, anger. Any moment a truck could ram into my side and send me to my eternity and into the palms of Jesus. My time here cannot be wasted.

We must keep running the race. We must keep trudging the road to our happy destinies. We must not give up and give into our feelings. We know thAVP1GGA1where we are going and we know that kingdom of eternity can be brought here, in the now, with love. Throw off the extra weight, lighten the load, let Jesus carry the yoke of burdens, you have loving to do! You have compassion to share!

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. -Hebrews 12:1

I’ve read so many running the race stories. I’ve listened to podcast after podcast. But I needed it repeated, and I needed to teach it. In teaching environments it is suggested to repeat the idea you are trying to teach at least 3 times and in different ways. Tell it, write it, show it. It is the most likely way to stick. I learned in elementary that the best way to show you have learned and grasped a concept was to teach it, or to help a friend. So here. I have heard, I have read and now I teach….with dead skunks. I learn from repetition. I will need this lesson again…probably as soon as tomorrow.

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