You Are Welcome

There is power in the words, “you are welcome.” This phrase was one that was foreign to my mouth until it was pointed out just recently to me that I rarely ever mutter it. This week I made it my task to say these 3 little words.

This is a small little, often thoughtless, phrase that people wiggle from their lips on the daily. But darn it, these are important and should be acknowledged! We are taught as children that “please” and “thank you” are worth their weight in gold. We are told to be polite little creatures and to mutter these, even when we don’t feel the need. It becomes implanted in our minds, but not necessarily in our hearts. I don’t ever remember my mom shoving “you are welcome” down my throat and into my vocab. She never taught me to recognize the “thanks you”‘s.

This week I learned that it isn’t the “thank you” that is important, it is the “you are welcome” that shows the magic. It is a response to show pride in the work you just did for another. It is recognition for a job well done. It is a mindful thank you for thanking me for what I did for you. Don’t respond with “no big deal” or “it was nothing.” Because it WAS something. It WAS a big or small deal. A deal is a deal no matter the size. You just took time from your day to serve someone. Let them thank you and in return give them the gift of “you are welcome.”

Pay attention this weekend my friends. Acknowledge the “thank you”‘s and give them a hearty welcome. Welcome the “welcomes”.

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