All About Pink, just for today.

There is pink everywhere today. I can’t stand the color.

It’s the color of you. You weren’t ready until that bright obnoxious color was on your body, even if it that meant your underwear.

I miss you.

There will be an article written about you soon. About your love of horses and of children. It’s funny because children were always creepy little humans full of dirt, until you started to teach.

I can’t believe it’s been 6 years. It doesn’t seem so long ago. Until I think of how much has changed. I was a smoker. “Single Ladies” was the #1 song. Obama was inaugurated. My life was a hot mess.

I’m sad I let you slip away…no, I am sad that I slipped away at the end.

We had a friendship that sparkled. The kind you see in movies. We could read each other’s minds with a glare or twinkle of our eye.

You were my person.

It’s ironic the animals that brought us so close, and brought your joy to so many lives took yours away. They robbed you of breath and broke your heart. Then again, it isn’t ironic at all. Its beautiful. With life comes death.

Horses were your obsession. It wasn’t just a child fantasy of Barbie and ponies. Yours was real. And you got to live it.

Pink and ponies.

Today I will hug my girl. And as I brush out her mane I will remember all of the times I sat on her back in your presence. You taught me life. You taught me love and how to be passionate. You showed me how to be an idiot. You were the first light I saw that pointed to God.


I am forever thankful.

Until we meet again my dear dear friend, love you bye!

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