Insert your rant: “I can’t stand _____ people! So disrespectful. All they do is _____ and don’t do _____! How were they raised!? Someone needs to teach them….blah blah blah.” …..and on and on it goes.


Now in doing so or venting against a particular person or action, aren’t you doing exactly what you can’t stand? By calling them disrespectful, aren’t you being disrespectful and unloving?

Just a thought from today.

I think we are most often like those we cannot stand. We are, I am, most like the people who drive us, me, crazy.

And why?

Because we are all human and although circumstances on the outside appear different, the core issue is the same. We are all the same. Made of the same junk.

You never know what is behind someone’s plasticity.

We are the same as our enemy. We are our enemy.

…so then why have enemies? Why hate?


Fighting has never solved a problem. It has only temporarily crushed the weaker into submission. But just as a seed grows into itself, so again will the hate.

I will choose to love. I will choose to show up. I will choose kind words. I will trip, stumble and apologize. But I will keep showing up. Loving takes practice for me. It does not come naturally. Every day I have to make that choice. Will you?

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