Do Over

2015, here is what I am going to do with the first 10 days of you. I am going to blog you.

Resolution: to love.


Yeah, yeah, this was my 2014 resolution as well. It’s broad indeed, but so much needed. Jesus says over and over to love. Always love love love. I’m choosing to love. I am going to love hard, even when it isn’t deserved, because let’s be real…when is love ever really deserved? Love isn’t something we are entitled too. Love doesn’t just happen. It needs to be practiced. It needs to be mastered and that takes time, energy and failures.

So I am going to love.
This year I stumbled upon this Do Over movement with Jon Acuff. He’s a funny guy, I like him. My life is peachy, but it can get moldy, just as peaches do. So recently it has needed some pruning and other TLC maintenance. You can read more about this fun Do Over thing here: I am sure there is a fancy way to insert that, but blogging is new to me. My 8 year old could do it for me. He is my tech guru, but he is not around…so there. #feelinglazy My 10 day challenge thingy ma bob is going to be to blog it out.
I don’t like my blog. I started this thing and it has turned into something I am, but also not. Yes I am a recovering addict, but I am so much more than that. There is so much life beyond that fact and although the endless road of recovery is one of my favorite walking paths, it is not the only one I walk on. Sometimes I like to jog too, or ride my horse. There are so many other paths and means of travel. Shit I even drive on roads in my car and in other peoples vehicles! I started this blog because I find humor in the tiny cracks in the sidewalks where the ants build their homes. I laugh at my life. It is a blast to live. My life is peachy, but it isn’t ripe. There is sadness, my marriage sucks but we love each other. We just are 2 imperfect people trying to live a perfect life and it just doesn’t work most days. I live with my in laws, who are lovely people, but very different. They are Vietnamese and love to blast karaoke on school/work nights, don’t know how to speak quietly even when the person they are speaking with is directly in front of them, and they believe the world revolves around them. If they need something we are expected to drop whatever we are doing and serve them. But I promise they are amazing and the most loving people, just very difficult to live with. Life isn’t what I expected, definitely not what I envisioned, but it is so much more. This life is what I want to blog about. My grace filled, colorful, catching monster big sting rays and cutting them up with my husband to eat, feeding my son raw salmon and kale chips because he is now a pescatarian life is what I intended this blog to be. My life of recovery is beautiful, but I don’t and can’t stay there. I have to be present in my present.
So here we go 2015, 10 day Do Over Challenge.
Hey LOOK! I did it! Do Over

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