1. to succeed; become dominant; win out

Most of what I write are not original words bred in my mind. They are things I hear or read that are then translated by my own fingers. My thoughts are plagiarism, but since I mix the words I suppose that means I paraphrase? I digress, anyways….

The other day I wrote “my fears are worthless.” I’m not sure where I heard this or read this. Maybe my mind produced this tiny little sentence all on its own (HA! Yeah right!). Either way I love it. It’s been on repeat mode in my head, over and over and over and over again. One more time…fears=worthless!

My fears are worthless. They are hilarious. If they could morph into a being and we could sit together over a cup of coffee, I am pretty sure I would pee my pants from uncontrollable laughter. Especially after having 2 kids, that muscle has become quite relaxed. It happens, it is a real thing. I have peed my pants and my fears are worthless. That is life. Again, I digress…

“Do not be afraid!” is the #1 statement in the bible. It is on repeat mode, over and over and over and over again…fear=worthless. Isn’t it Joyce Mayer that says “Do it afraid!!!”?

So why are fears so restrictive? Why do they paralyze life? It is so absurd. It makes me quite angry, and I can be quite the firecracker angry person. Take my anger and throw a dash of fear in there and WHOA LOOK OUT! I have issues and don’t need more so please fear just drive away and take your buddy anger with you since you seem to really enjoy each others company.

Today I will conquer this…well not me (let’s be real here) God will conquer this in me. The great I AM. He can do all things. My fears are worthless. They mean nothing, because they have already been paid for. The lamb has already overcome. Death has no sting. Fear is worthless. Anger has no power.

As my son and I say (that we heard from Myth Busters and Northridge church because my thoughts are not my own) Failure is always an option, but it is never final! So it is ok to be afraid and it is ok to be angry. Just don’t stay there.


Peace and love. Love and peace. Like the Beatles say “All you need is love.”

Now go read Psalm 27…

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