:possessing or displaying meticulous attention to detail

Today is family picture day. Today is finally family picture day. It’s been in the making for roughly a month, but it has been talked about for nearly 3 months.

God is laughing at my fastidious nature. I’ve planned the location. I’ve planned the outfits. I’ve spent too many hours to admit to on pinterest looking at poses for families of 4.

1) The location is closed due to a high fire risk…


2) My husband texts me “babe can I just wear my black V-neck t-shirt?….Really? REALLY!? I have been asking you for WEEKS to help me pick clothes! You can wear that if you find us all matching outfits for it!

3) Dentist appointments for the boys were only available to be done today.

4) Baby is sick and so am I.

We will keep pressing on!

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